1What is Cuenca Car Share
First and foremost, we are not a rental car company. Our cars our privately owned and we expect our drivers to treat our cars as if they are borrowing a car from a friend or neighbor. We keep our prices much lower than rental car company’s, and we allow our driver’s to assume some responsibility. Driving in Ecuador is unpredictable! There are mudslides, extreme fog, aggressive drivers, speed bumps and many one way streets. So, our policy is: You break it, you fix it! Meaning in simple terms, while driving if the car breaks down, your security deposit is in jeopardy. Rest assured though, we do have roadside assistance and our cars are 2012 and newer. We also, have our cars serviced every 5000 kilometers. Ready to get started?
2How do I get a license?
As many things in Ecuador, the guidelines to getting a license change often. Please check the driving license section for information. If you would like further assistance, we have an excellent facilitator. Please contact us directly for more information.
3What happens if I return the card dirty or without filling the tank?
We expect our members to return the car in the same condition as when rented. It’s how we are able to keep our rates down. We don’t expect you to detail the vehicle before you return it, but we do expect the car to be returned reasonably clean and free of debris. If the car is returned dirty or without a full tank of gas, up to a $15 cleaning fee will be applied and up to a $50 refueling fee.
4What should I do if I have an accident?
You must report any traffic accident involving personal injury and any loss, damage or theft to the police immediately and to Cuenca Car Share, as soon as practically possible, the police reference number must be provided.
5Where can I park during my booking?
During your booking you are responsible for parking the vehicle legally and safely, as you would your own. Any parking fee/fines are your responsibility and need to be paid directly by yourself.
6How do we pay?
At the time of booking you are asked for a 25% deposit that can be paid thru paypal. (If you would like to use a credit card or pay with cash, please call us at 0983800162). At pickup, the balance is due, along with the security deposit. We prefer cash for the balance of the rental, and paypal/credit card for the security deposit. Though, paypal/credit card may be used for the entire rental.
7How does the pricing work?
We keep our prices as simple as possible; you can rent a vehicle by the day or week. In addition to the price for the car there is a kilometer charge. These prices do not include IVA. The cost covers insurance, maintenance and roadside assistance. The vehicle must be somewhat *clean, and with a full tank of gas. * up to a $15 cleaning fee may apply
8What if the car breaks down?
All of our cars have road side assistance. It is extremely important if the car breaks down to call us immediately. We will schedule a tow truck. It is the renters responsibility to stay with the car until the tow truck arrives. We will do our best to provide a replacement vehicle if possible.
9What type of driver's license do I need to drive in Ecuador
You must have a valid Driver’s license. If you are not a resident, your “home” driver’s license is valid for the number of days left on your visa. Once you have your permanent residency, you may drive for up to 6 months from the date you entered the country, on your country of origins license, after 6 months an Ecuadorian license is required by Ecuador. That being said, our insurance through MAPFRE will cover drivers that have ANY valid license regardless of the amount of time you have been in the country. We highly recommend you get an Ecuadorian license if you are a resident! Cuenca Car Share has Facilitators to help you get your license, and our policy is “Driver beware”.
10Can you help me get my drivers license?
Yes, Cuenca Car Shares facilitator is Victor Ojeda. He can be reached at 0987313565 or victorh0613@yahoo.com. For a list of documents needed please click on the Drivers license Information tab, on the menu bar.
11What are the restrictions to renting?
We do have a minimum age restriction of 22 to join Cuenca Car Share. And, of course, whatever driver’s license you have, must be valid.
12What are member dues/fees etc?
There are no dues to be a member of Cuenca Car Share. Our cars are priced by the day, plus $.10 a kilometer is due when the car is returned. Refundable Security Deposits are due when the car is picked up. These deposits range from $500 – $1500. $500 deposit: If you are a resident of Ecuador, with an Ecuadorian Drivers License. $750 deposit: If you are a resident of Ecuador without an Ecuadorian License, or you have damaged one of our cars in the past. $1500 deposit: You are visiting Ecuador. When you book a car, you will be sent a Paypal invoice for 25% of the total bill to reserve the vehicle. The balance may be paid in cash (preferred) at pickup, or by Paypal. The security deposit will be refunded when the car is returned in the same condition as when it was picked up and is cleared from speeding violations. (3-5 days)
13Insurance, is this included?
Yes, full comprehensive insurance is included when you rent. Hopefully you will never have to use it, but if you do, you only have to forfeit your security deposit. If the repair cost is less than the deposit, you’ll only need to pay that amount, plus any loss of revenue and additional charges related to the incident. * Your credit card company linked to your paypal account may offer insurance for Ecuador car rentals. If so, we will work with your credit card company if there is damage to the car or you are in an accident. Please confirm with your credit card company directly.
14What happens if I am running a little late?
Don’t worry; this happens to all of us, which is why we make it as easy as possible to extend your booking. You can extend your booking for an hour, by simply emailing or phoning us. However, members who are late and do not let us know, or do not give us enough notice will be charged a $35 late fee. In addition, any costs accrued by any member who is kept waiting may be passed on.
15Can I cancel a booking?
Of course! You may cancel a booking at any point between making it and 72 hours before it’s due to begin. If you cancel or shorten a booking within 72 hours of its start time you will be liable for a minimum of 1 days rental. If you shorten a booking without a minimum of 72 hours’ notice you will be charged for the entire booking period.
16What are the pickup and drop off times?
You may pickup/drop off the cars between 9am-10am and 5pm-6pm. Additional times are available upon request.
17Can I smoke in the vehicle?
No. As a courtesy to all of our renters, all of our cars are nonsmoking.