Security Deposit

Booking Deposit:

In order to secure your vehicle booking we charge an initial deposit of 25% of your rental. This ensures your reservation is secure and your vehicle will be ready and waiting for you when you arrive. This deposit can be applied to your rental fee upon arrival or it can be refunded if you prefer to pay cash when you pick up your vehicle.

Security Deposit:

We have three levels of security deposits. While most rental companies charge for additional insurance we make it part of the daily rental fee saving you considerable money. The security deposit is always your worst case scenario. If the vehicle is damaged or even destroyed you will never be responsible for more than the security deposit. In the event the vehicle is damaged the repair is deducted from the security deposit and the balance is returned to you. This deposit is also there to cover any photo radar or other traffic violations you may receive while using one of our vehicles. Once the vehicle has been returned in the condition it was issued and no traffic violations have surfaced, the deposit will be refunded after 5 business days. Ecuadorian Resident WITH an Ecuadorian driver’s license – Deposit: $500 Ecuadorian Resident WITHOUT an Ecuadorian driver’s license – Deposit: $750 Non Resident with current license from home country – Deposit: $1500 Quito Vehicle - Deposit: $1500